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For those retired or about to retire, U3A provides an ideal environment in which to pursue new or existing interests.
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Please note: We are back at Northcote for March Meeting

***Meeting Wednesday March  7th 9:45AM***
Citizens' Centre
College Road

Guest Speaker: Dr John Hinchcliff
Topic: Some Challenges with Technology
Dr John Hinchcliff MA(Hons), PhD, HonD, CNZM was Director of Auckland Technical Institute, President of Auckland Institute of Technology and the inaugural Vice-Chancellor of Auckland University of Technology. He has also served as Head of Department of Humanities at RMIT, Chaplain of Auckland University and lecturer of Philosophy in Virginia, USA.  
Some Challenges With Technology We celebrate many wonderful advantages with technologies such as the Internet, international travel, cybernetics, nanotechnology, 3D manufacturing, drones, clones, bio-gerontolgy, embryonic stem cells, driverless electric cars ….  
Can we say: “Each power gained by us is a power over us as well”?  
Can we anticipate the following:  
*How are we different from Robots?  
*Can we escape the momentum of high technology delivering us into material Paradise?  

Mini Speaker:
Mini Speaker: John White
This month: History of Computers


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